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Mechanism[ edit salice bianco per dimagrire Jaw wiring is performed by attaching orthodontic brackets to the teeth, and wrapping pliable wire either around or through the brackets [3] or with the use of arch bars or loops affixed with wires around the teeth, or with metal splints bonded to the teeth. This permits a moderate amount of jaw movement and relatively clear speech, but inhibits the ingestion of solid foods, forcing patients to adhere to a liquid diet.

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It is performed by an oral surgeonwho attaches an "arch bar" to the upper jaw and another to the lower jaw with thin wires that are threaded between and around the teeth. The arch bars completely enwrap the dental arch.

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The upper and lower arch bars are connected to each other with wires or ojw perdita di peso, compressing the upper teeth against the lower teeth and preventing jaw movement. IMF is an invasive procedure performed under general anesthesia.


Once the bones have set usually after 4—6 weeks, sometimes two or three monthsthe wiring is removed under local anesthesia or nitrous oxide sedation.

There are other methods for wiring teeth ojw perdita di peso. Ivy loops are a method by which wires are passed between the teeth and gums and then fastened with a loop at the front, and wires are then secured to these loops.

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Cap splints are metal splints which cover the entire surface of the teeth. Fixation can also be achieved by passing wires through the brackets of braces, which are commonly used before surgery.

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IMF is also used to aid weight loss; various studies from the s and early s used ivy loops and cap splints to wire the jaws together to enforce a liquid diet until such ojw perdita di peso as sufficient weight loss had been achieved; this was typically around nine months but in one study could be as long as 17 months.

It was found that patients typically put much of the weight they had lost back on, and in a study concluded that it was "a safe but ineffective means of controlling weight".

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However, a study published in the British Medical Journal in found that jaw wiring could be effective if aftercare were provided, in this case a nylon cord passed around the patient's waist after weight loss had been achieved, which would remind them if they started to put weight back on. Contrary to earlier practice, wiring is retained at most for six weeks.

In this procedure, a dentist or orthodontist attaches braces to certain teeth typically the canines and premolars and inserts wiring, but not elastics, between the upper and lower teeth in a figure-8 pattern.

The wiring is removed periodically to allow the jaw joints to move freely, especially in the vertical direction.

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The procedure is not invasive and does not require anesthesia. OJW does not keep the upper and lower teeth in contact. The sole purpose of the wiring is to limit the extent to which the jaws may open.

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The ivy loop method used in the study in Nigeria also allows limited jaw movement. Orthodontic jaw wiring is removed when the patient has achieved their weight loss goals.

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