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Smyrnios, K. Poutziouris, P. Goel, S. Cheltenham: E. Elgar, This is a very business-like book in its approach. It has an impressive global reach in its authorship, focal areas and use of evidence; it hits all the major practical challenges of family firms in a spirit that is fresh and current; and it deals with the cutting-edge themes and issues that are uppermost in the minds of owners, executives, advisors and researchers in the field.

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Smyrnios, Panikkos Z. Debicki, Franz W. Kellermanns and James J. Chrisman 2. Novo-Peteiro Botero and Shanan R. Litchfield Lindow Danes and Kathryn Stafford Gimenez and José A. Botero Elgar, This comprehensive Handbook presents an extensive overview of empirical and conceptual developments in the study of high-tech entrepreneurs from an interdisciplinary and multinational perspective.

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Is Your Firm Established? Sharma 9. Watt Özbilgin Lekse Falck, O. Heblich, S. Lederer, A. Elgar, Leading researchers use their outstanding expertise to investigate various aspects in the context of innovation and entrepreneurship such drgs brickell di perdita di peso growth, knowledge production and spillovers, technology transfer, the organization of the firm, industrial policy, financing, small firms and start-ups, and entrepreneurship education as well as the characteristics of the entrepreneur.

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Kirzner 3. Who Values the Status of the Entrepreneur?

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Financing Constraints and Entrepreneurship William R. Kerr and Ramana Nanda 9. Sabel Feldman and Gil Avnimelech Acs Jensen Link and Charles W. Wessner Siegel Spulber Small Firms and Innovation Simon C. Parker

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