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Pantaloncini dimagranti anticellulite: funzionano?

I bought every color except for brown, a color I don't wear.

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And I wanted to be informed about the other models in your preventive line, which in reality is very fashionable. Collant dimagranti premaman I travel, especially by plane, I prefer Relax Unisex knee-highs, rigorously black… I am very happy to have found such beautiful products that are so good to wear! But my big tummy will be coming during the winter! And so I have a special top that helps support my tummy and keeps my legs light.

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I honestly didn't think they could make a difference but I found out the contrary! What a fight it was when the doctor prescribed graduated compression stockings to prevent venous problems! Fortunately I found Relax Unisex in blue and bordeaux.

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Now his health is fine but he has become so used to wearing your stockings that he continues to wear them and has even bought some brown ones. Solidea graduated compression products use fabrics made with revolutionary techniques Solidea is activating important actions in its corporate policy aimed at respect for the ecosystem Solidea products are tax deductible pursuant to the law.

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